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11010 Driver Board (VT Servo Pro II)
Product ID: EBY03231-SO

*SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 1-2 months for delivery. A sales representative will contact you to confirm. Once you have confirmed, this ite...



8580 Switch PCB (12 Needle)
Product ID: EBY02602

*Limited Stock Available.*


8580 Switch PCB 12 Needle for Barudan Embroidery Machines. Old part # EBY02600



Barudan: C1215 Switch Board (15 Needle)
Product ID: EBY02614

C1215 Switch Board for 15 Needle Barudan Embroidery Machines. Old part # EBY02610, EBY02612, EBY02613



Barudan: Color Change Board
Product ID: EBN01650

2001-018 Color Change Board for Barudan Embroidery Machines. Genuine Barudan Part.



Barudan: Power Supply
Product ID: EBY01270-M

Power Supply for Barudan Machines. This is Barudan's substitute for EBY01270.

Harness for Automat: ...



Brother 415 Main Board (Used)
Product ID: S18787001-USED

Used Brother 415 Main Board. ** Some used boards we have in stock do not have the smaller board S34566001, so some boards may not include this when...



Brother PR: Main PCB
Product ID: XC7396251

Main PCB for PR600/ 600II/ 600IIC/ 620/ 620C/ 650/ 650C Machines. Genuine Brother Parts. Old part # XC7396051, XC7396151.



This item is not for sale on our website, please contact us to order.

Circuit Board Assembly (Repaired)
Product ID: S34565001REPAIR

*Contact us for Repair Options*

Repaired Circuit Board (B43N019) Assembly for Brother 416 and 1210AC Embroidery Machines



Circuit Board Assembly (Used)
Product ID: S18788001-USED

*Limited Stock Available*

Used Circuit Board Assembly for Brother Embroidery Machines.



Com Board V Series
Product ID: EBY03100

Com Board "V" Series (1290) for Barudan Embroidery Machines.



Happy: Thread Detecting Board
Product ID: M0483229

Thread detecting board for Happy embroidery machines. Old part # M048320, M048321, M048322, M048323, M048324, M048325, M048326, M048327, M048328...



Head Board
Product ID: EBY01100

4619A Head Board for Barudan Embroidery Machines. Genuine Barudan Part.



Inverter: D6 NV4000D
Product ID: XE2041001

Inverter: D6 NV4000D for Brother PR600 machines. Old part # XC8290051



Main PCB Assembly
Product ID: XE8783201

Main PCB Assembly for Brother PR1000 Embroidery Machines. Old part # XE8783101



PMD Circuit Board
Product ID: S15366001USED

*This part is discontinued. Limited Quantity Available.*

Used PMD Circuit Board for Brother Embroidery Machines.



We are sorry, this item is no longer available for purchase.

Supply Assembly: Panel PCB B
Product ID: XD1338051

*This item is discontinued*

Supply Assembly: Panel PCB B for Brother PR600II Embroidery Machines



SWF: Half Turn Sensor Without Cable
Product ID: 08102300B000

Half turn sensor without cable (GP1S51V). Old part # 25033EL-UK06. Cable part # SH-30-01. Please note, you will have to remove the old cable and so...



TP Switch Board Assembly
Product ID: HCD81160

TP-Switch Board Assembly for Happy Embroidery Machines.



This item is not for sale on our website, please contact us to order.

USB Serial Board Assembly
Product ID: HCBU83042

Please contact us to order this part. Delivery time can vary.

USB Serial Board Assembly with LAN, USB, and RS232C Ports for Happy HCS &...

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