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Cap Frames

Barudan Cap Frame Parts | Barudan Cap Frames | Brother Cap Frame Parts | Brother Cap Frames | Brother PR / Babylock Cap Frames | Happy Cap Frame Parts | Happy Cap Frames | Hooptech Back of Cap | Hooptech Cap Frames | SWF Cap Frames | Tajima Cap Frame Parts | Tajima Cap Frames

Clamping Systems

Babylock & PR 6&10 Needle | ICTCS1-Small Clamp | ICTCS2-Large Clamp | Slim Line 1 Clamping System | Slim Line 2 Clamping System

Embroidery Backing

Cloud Cover Stitch | Cutaway Black | Cutaway 2.0 oz. | Cutaway 2.5 oz. | Cutaway 3.0 oz. | Cutaway No Show Mesh | Cutaway/Washaway | Performance Cutaway | Sticky and Fusible Backings | Tearaway Black | Tearaway 1.0 oz. | Tearaway 1.5 oz. | Tearaway 1.7 OZ. | Tearaway 1.8 oz. | Tearaway 2.0 oz. Pop N Tear | Tearaway 2.0 oz. Washaway | Tearaway 2.5 oz. Cap Sizes | Tearaway 3.0 oz. Cap Sizes | Trick Film

Embroidery Bobbins

Blank Size L Metal Bobbins & Winder | Size L Bobbins | Size M Bobbins

Embroidery Foam

2mm 3D Foam | 3mm 3D Foam

Embroidery Hoops

Brother Hoops | EMS Square Hoops | Happy Hoops | Hoop Screws | Hoop Screws for Tajima | SWF Hoops | Tajima Flat Application Hoops | Tajima Hoops

Embroidery Hoops: Allied

Allied Replacements & Accessories | Barudan Grid-Lock Hoops | Barudan Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Brother Grid-Lock Hoops | Brother PR Series Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Brother Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Happy Grid-Lock Hoops | Happy Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Inbro Grid-Lock Embroidery Hoops | Inbro Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Meistergram Grid-Lock Hoops | Meistergram Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Melco Grid-Lock Hoops | Melco Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | SWF Grid-Lock Hoops | SWF Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Tajima Grid-Lock Hoops | Tajima Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | Tajima Wooden Hoops | Toyota Grid-Lock Hoops | Toyota Premium Grid-Lock Hoops | ZSK Grid-Lock Hoops | ZSK Premium Grid-Lock Hoops

Embroidery Hoops: Barudan

Barudan 380 SF (EFP Brackets) | Barudan 380 SF (QS Brackets) | Barudan 520 SF (EFP Brackets) | Barudan 520 SF (QS Brackets) | Barudan Hoop Screws | Barudan Replacement Metal Arms | Barudan Replacement Plastic | Brown/Flat Hoops

Embroidery Hoops: Brother PR & Babylock

Allied Premium Hoops: PR Series | Brother PR Series Cap Frames | Brother PR600 Hoops | Durkee Cap Frame: PR Series | Durkee EZ Frames: PR Series | Durkee Hoop: PR Series | Durkee Sturdiframes: PR Series | EMS Square Hoop: PR Series | EMS Tubular Clamping System: PR Series | Fast Frames Sets & Add-Ons: PR Series | Fast Frames Single Pieces: PR Series | Hoopmaster for PR Series/Babylock | Mighty Hoop Fixtures: PR Series | Mighty Hoop Kits: PR Series | Mighty Hoop: PR Series

Embroidery Hoops: Durkee

Durkee Cap Frames | Durkee EZ Frame Combo | Durkee EZ Frame Extras | Durkee Freedom Rings | Durkee Hooping Stations | Durkee Hoops: Barudan (EFP Brackets) | Durkee Hoops: Barudan (QS Brackets) | Durkee Hoops: Brother | Durkee Hoops: Brother PR Series/ Babylock | Durkee Hoops: Happy | Durkee Hoops: InBro | Durkee Hoops: Janome MB-4 | Durkee Hoops: Meistergram, Prodigi, Generations, Aemco | Durkee Hoops: Melco | Durkee Hoops: Renaissance | Durkee Hoops: SWF | Durkee Hoops: Tajima | Durkee Hoops: Toyota | Durkee Hoops: ZSK

Embroidery Hoops: Pocket Frames

EMS Pocket Clamps | Tajima Pocket Frames

Embroidery Machines

Tajima Machines

Fast Frames

Fast Frame Sets and Add-Ons

Fire Resistant Products

Fire Resistant Backing | Fire Resistant Bobbins | Fire Resistant Thread

Gator Clamp

Barudan Gator Clamp | Gator Clamp Accessories | Meistergram Gator Clamp | Tajima Gator Clamp | ZSK Gator Clamp

Hooping Aids

Embroiderer's Helper | EZ Framer with Laser Light

Hoopmaster Products

Hoopmaster Accessories | Hoopmaster Fixture: Cap Back | Hoopmaster Fixture: Jacketback | Hoopmaster Fixture: Kit | Hoopmaster Fixture: Round & Square | Hoopmaster Pocket Guide | Hoopmaster Station

Jiffy Steamers

Jiffy Cleaners | Jiffy Steamers


Sewing Bulbs | Sewing Lamps

Mighty Hoops

Combinations: Barudan EFP | Combinations: Barudan QS | Combinations: Brother | Combinations: Brother PR Series | Combinations: Happy | Combinations: Melco | Combinations: SWF | Combinations: Tajima | Combinations: Toyota | Mighty Hoop Extras | Mighty Hoop: Barudan EFP | Mighty Hoop: Barudan QS | Mighty Hoop: Brother | Mighty Hoop: Brother PR Series | Mighty Hoop: Happy | Mighty Hoop: Melco | Mighty Hoop: SWF | Mighty Hoop: Tajima | Mighty Hoop: Toyota

Needles: Embroidery Machines

AMF Needles | Chenille Needles | Groz-Beckert Needles | Organ Needles | Organ-Flat Shank Needles | Schmetz Needles

Parts: Bobbin Cases

Barudan | Bobbin Case Screws and Springs | Brother | Brother PR | Happy | Melco | SWF | Tajima | Toyota | ZSK and Other Chinese Machines

Parts: Electronic

Circuit Boards | Motors, Encoders, & Others | Tajima Electronic Parts

Parts: Embroidery Machines

Barudan Parts | Brother Parts | Brother PR & Babylock Parts | Chinese Machine Parts | Happy Parts | Melco Parts | Rotary Hooks | Toyota Parts

Parts: Industrial Sewing

Belts (Industrial Sewing) | Bimba Industrial Parts | Bobbin Cases (Industrial Sewing) | Brother Industrial Parts | Clinton Industrial Parts | Consew Parts | Durkopp Adler Industrial Parts | Eastman Industrial Parts | Efka Industrial Parts | Fishbein Industrial Parts | Global Industrial Parts | Hashima Industrial Parts | Kansai Industrial Parts | Maimin Industrial Parts | Merrow Industrial Parts | Miscellaneous Industrial Parts | Mitsubishi Industrial Parts | Pegasus Industrial Parts | PFAFF Industrial Parts | Quilting Shuttles | Rimoldi Industrial Parts | Rotary Hooks for Industrial Sewing | Seiko Industrial Parts | Singer Industrial Parts | Siruba Industrial Parts | Toyota Industrial Parts | Union Special Parts | Yamato Industrial Parts | Zoje Parts

Parts: Juki

Juki Bobbin Cases | Juki Bobbins | Juki Parts | Juki Rotary Hooks

Parts: SWF

SWF Belts | SWF Bobbin Cases | SWF Cap Frame Parts | SWF Circuit Boards | SWF Knife Sets | SWF Parts | SWF Reciprocator | SWF Rotary Hooks | SWF Screws, Nuts, Bolts, & Washers

Parts: Tajima

Tajima Belts | Tajima Bobbin Cases | Tajima Cap Frame Parts | Tajima Circuit Boards | Tajima Cushions, Felts & Springs | Tajima Knife Sets | Tajima Motors, Encoders, & Others | Tajima Parts | Tajima Reciprocator | Tajima Rotary Hook | Tajima SAI Parts | Tajima Screws, Nuts & Bolts

Scissors, Snips & Tweezers

Cutting Mat | Scissors | Snips | Trimming Scissors | Tweezers & Seam Rippers

Sewing Machines


Solvy & Badge Seal

Badge Seal | Solvy/Toppings | Ultra Solvy (4x Thickness)


Clearance Corner | Discontinued Picture Archive | Hoops | Needle Kits | Sewing Threads

Sprays & Lubricants

Adhesive Sprays | Cleaning Sprays & Others | Fabric Guard | Lubricants & Machine Oils | Spray Accessories

Thread: Airplane


Thread: Isacord

Isacord Polyester Cone (5000M)

Thread: Madeira Color Kits

Madeira Frosted Matte Color Kits | Madeira Polyneon Color Kits | Madeira Rayon Color Kits | Madeira Supertwist Color Kit

Thread: Madeira Thread

Burmilana Cotton and Wool Blends | Fire Fighter Thread | Madeira Thread Charts | Matte Thread (1100YD) | Matte Thread (2700YD) | Metallic CR No 4 Polyneon Cone | Metallic FS No. 40 | Polyneon 40wt Cones (5000M) | Polyneon 40wt Mini Snap Cones (1000M) | Polyneon 60wt Cones (5000M) | Polyneon 60wt Minis (1640YD) | Polyneon 75wt Minis (2734yd) | Rayon 30wt Cone (3300YD) | Rayon 40wt Cones (5000M) | Rayon 40wt Mini Snap Cones (1000M) | Rayon 60wt Minis (1640YD) | Supertwist 30wt Cone (5000M) | Supertwist 30wt Minis (1000M)

Thread: Robison-Anton

Robison-Anton Poly Cones (5000M) | Robison-Anton Rayon Cones (5000M)

Thread: Yenmet Metallic

Yenmet Cones (5000M) | Yenmet Spools (1000M)

Tools & Accessories

Accessories | Embroidery Helper | Fabric Pens and Pencils | Gauges: Lower Dead Point | Gauges: Other | Gauges: Tension | Rulers | Shipping Supplies | Stitch Erasers | Thread Racks & Accessories | Tools

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*For international orders, please contact us for a freight quote.

*For international orders please contact us for freight options and quotes: 937-258-4481 or

* We have multiple shipping locations, but our primary one is located in Dayton, Oh. Due to the number of products and blend of products offered, we do our best to ship everything together, within 2-3 business days of when we receive your order, from the closest location. MOST orders are fulfilled the same day or the following business day. We confirm via email the ship date. We will contact you on any orders with express shipping as soon as possible to discuss options if we cannot ship the same business day (unless placed after hours, then it will be the following business day). We cannot guarantee shipping times during holidays due to UPS and USPS schedules.

*Most products are in stock. Orders mixing uncommon Madeira thread AND parts or other supplies are the orders most likely to not ship the same day.

*If a price cannot be honored, or a part is found to be discontinued, we will refund your order within 1 business days. Due to the large amount of product we support and the changing nature of availability as well as technical updating and work involved in supporting our website there is a rare occasion where we cannot honor the price shown. In this very rare instance, we will address it with all haste.

*For most orders under $25.00, you can select our US Mail, using stamps, flat shipping rate of $7.50. Exclusions include some products that are chemicals / lubricants and/or very large but inexpensive items, such as 3D foam. This shipping method does not include a tracking number and we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

*We did not program all the weights into our website, so most of the time ordering through the web gets you better shipping rates. Shhhh……. That is a secret.

Call for a return authorization #. Returns are handled on a case by case basis and a 5% restock fee may be applied to recover PayPal/Credit Card Fees. Unused, non-special order items that do not require cutting, modification or manufacture are returnable within 30 days. Freight costs will not be credited on returns, unless it was an error on our part. We may authorize other returns for used, special order, cut, modified or manufactured goods with a restock fee, or any goods outside of 30 days. Please contact us to discuss these cases. We will in good faith do our best to help our customers in every case.